Music Of 25 is a collection of music written by Travis Pope and a rotating group of superb musicians in Central and West Texas.

  This collection began in the earliest stages of 2014 on receipt paper and cocktail napkins. These notes were bolstered by research into the experimental electronic aesthetic and collected in their future namesake.  Over time this time capsule developed into a full length album thanks to Evan Kleinecke of 5th Street Studios and the nine stellar musicians he recorded.

It featured Aaron Blackerby (Vocals), Chase Francis (Percussion), Chelsey Pope (Vocals), Jason Camacho (Percussion), Henna Chou (Cello), Philip Secrest (Bass), Justin Mead (Clarinet), Justo Cisneros (Electribe), and Ryan Young (Lead Guitar). Taking four years to dutifully complete, Big Black was digitally released on July 25, 2018.

     During the process of completing Big Black the name Music Of 25 was adopted. 

  Writing for the sophomore release “Home” began January 2019 and developed into a five song project looking at the songwriter’s past and present residences in Texas. Starting with where he was born in San Antonio, the “Home” EP looks at the homes of his paternal grandparents, his maternal grandparents, the college he attended in Lubbock, and ends with his current home in Austin.

 A concept designed along the same lines as it’s predecessor, Home studies the influence a songwriter’s location has on their work as well as a subjective dive into it’s definition.

It’s sounds were recorded by Evan Kleinecke at 5th Street Studios in Austin, TX and features Chase Francis (percussion), Chelsey Pope (vocals), Jason Elinoff (viola), John C. Densmore (vocals/synth/bass), and Vars Pope (Lead Guitar). “Home” debuted on New Years Day 1/1/2020.

Music of 25 started to adapt from being a studio-driven project to live performance during the release of “Home” and featured Jordan Steele, John C Densmore, Chelsey Pope, and Travis Pope before the Covid-19 pandemic swept through.

“Shil” was a bonus single that was recorded by Evan Kleinecke during the “Home” recording sessions at 5th Street Studios. It’s main structure was written while backpacking in the Texas Hill Country with the namesake couple and in honor of their new engagement. Shil’s visuals were created during the depths of the late March/April 2020 quarantine.

The “Shil” music video was released on the first anniversary of the couple it honors, April 4, 2021.

Music Of 25 is working on a new EP called “Paper”. The first Single from this project is called “Ally” and will be digitally released on June 19, 2021.