Channel 16

Thank you to Sheila Steele and the producers at Austin Public’s Channel 16 for including “Chaos” on their new World Music Program (Season 1/Episode 1). Channel 16 does an incredibly thorough dive into music that’s traveling through/emanating from Austin, Texas.

Live Look

Check out for fantastic emerging/established local music acts that help color life in the city of the Violet Crown.


Debut Album “Big Black” Released

Album Cover redo downwards

25’s debut album ” Big Black” began as a notebook of theory in the earliest stages of 2014. Questions had risen as time had diminished, old haunts gave way to future plots. A plan was made to find answers, and if there were no answers to be found at the end than the journey would serve as it’s own grand goodbye. 

Originally designed to take three years, 25 ended up needing four to complete it’s goal: to make a full length concept that evoked emotion and told a story. Divided into five different movements, 25’s debut album accomplishes that thanks in large part to the nine musicians who recorded it’s notation and noises. Fantastical in it’s initial scope, a driving burden once started: 25 is a story of process vs drive.