Music Of 25 releases “Ally” on 6/19/21

     Personal experiences from 2020 were the catalyst for "Paper", a five track EP that will be released later in 2021. "Ally" was the first song that was written for this new project and was influenced heavily by the Civil Rights Movement in the summer of 2020; specifically two marches the songwriter attended in Austin, Texas on 5/31/20 and 6/7/20.

     All the samples used on "Ally" were recorded on a camera and a cell phone during the marches, with one exception: the chorus features Austin Justice Coalition's own Chas Moore during a speech in September 2020 at Austin's City Hall. All the instrumentation was recorded using one full take to try and bolster the "live" feel and bounce of the marches."

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All proceeds made from pre-orders of "Paper" leading up to and during the release weekend (6/19/21) will be donated to the Austin Justice Coalition.

New Video “Shil”

“Shil” was a bonus track made by Travis Pope for his friend’s approaching wedding. It’s sounds were recorded during the “Home” recording sessions at 5th Street Studios by Evan Kleinecke and it’s visuals were created during the depths of the late March/April quarantine of 2020. It released on Friday June 5, 2020 and it’s music video debuts today on their one year anniversary.

Shil’s sounds were made by the Korg R3, the Roland TR-8, the Critter and Guitari Pocket Piano, a field recording from a creek in the Lost Maples State Natural Area, and a field recording of a beloved Jack Russel Terrier’s collar. The backdrop for the “Shil” music video is influenced by Ben Prisk, made with acrylic paint, and was an important outlet in itself during last Spring’s scramble. It currently resides in San Antonio, TX with the happy couple.

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-“Austin” Available 11/25/2019-

  “Home” is the second studio effort from Music Of 25, a collection of projects by an Austin/TX based songwriter named Travis Pope. This release expands on it’s predecessor’s dedication to concept with five detailed songs about the songwriter’s five homes: San Antonio, Abilene, Cleburne, Lubbock, and Austin. Each song was composed in it’s respective city, features musicians relative to that location, and was recorded in Austin/TX @5th Street Studios. 

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